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in memoriam emba von der blasiusalm, 26/03/1994 - 9/10/2007
afraid of storms (at age 2 and my whole life)what is this good for?(5 years old)pensive (age 9)i just turned 10! up ahead is my friend max. he was so much younger, but passed away long before me.my humans are really slow sometimes...getting used to my new home in the 19th districtchasing, ...catching, ...fetching: still going strong at 11! ...... but an occasional rest is appreciatedlet's play!(photographer: horst rödding)what next?"er aber, sag's ihm..." (jowo goethe)having fun!(photographer: karl zingl)a last family reunion: hora, dolly and emba (all "von der blasiusalm")still having funthe pack (no rats) - aka: my "dreimäderlhaus"